Our collection was inspired by our recent holiday to Byron Bay. To see our beautiful country at its most purest, the beaches, the sand and coastal paradise, really bought us back to reality.

We walked around many shops, found so many beautiful things, and realised how truly organic life can be. Which led us to searching for the perfect product, that not only is vegan friendly, BPA free but holistic for today’s toddler. Due its flexibility, light weight, easy cleaning, hygienic and hypoallergenic properties (has no open pores to harbor bacteria), silicone made products are best for your growing bubba.

Our children are our future. We want to see them grow and develop their fine motor skills and welcome their independence and life choices. Age range is approximately 6-24 months.

Alot of thought has gone into our little business and we hope you love it as much as we do.

love & light xo

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We have carefully selected minimalist colours as they provide a calming effect. We have also considered gender neutral hues to compliment today’s lifestyle and/or choices.

The most incredible time in a child’s life is to see them grow and become independent. Letting your toddler feed themselves is a way of acknowledging that they can make their own choices.

So glad to see a product like this on the market. My toddlers have chosen their own colours, and feel so special when they received their order. Thank you for such great customer service also.


Love the selection of these products! The colour scheme works so well with our decor. And the boys really love their bowls and fork and spoon sets at dinner time.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this store! I’m so glad I found you. Your product is just stunning. Love the organic and holistic approach with all your items. Will definitely be purchasing again.